Wound Dressings

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Different Wound Dressings Ireland

At Roches Chemist, you can check and explore a wide range of bandages, Wound care products, and wound sprays, for every size and type. 

Wound dressing products are used for protecting the wound from infection and contamination. These products play a very vital role in the healing process. 

Wound care and dressings protect wounds from infection and contamination while promoting healing. They are designed to be in direct contact with the wound serving as a barrier between the wound environment and the surroundings. Wound dressings absorb exudate, stop bleeding and ease the pain. 

Types Of Wound Dressings - 

Absorbent Foam Wound Dressing - 

Polyurethane foam dressings with an adhesive border which is put directly over the wound.Used to absorb moderate to heavy wounds and to protect areas of delicate fragile skin, particularly in the elderly. 

Wound Dressing for Infected Wounds -

Multi-layered barrier dressing for wound management containing antimicrobial silver between a low adherent mesh. Designed to be used in infected wounds which need a dressing that is easy and painless to remove.

Silicone Foam Wound Dressing - 

Silicone Foam wound dressing with no adhesive border to keep it in place, used to absorb discharges from infected wounds Particularly suitable for delicate/broken skin as it is easy to remove without pain or damaging healing skin.

Buy Wound Dressings Online 

At Roches Chemist online store, you can have a wide range of wound dressing products that are available at the best price for all of our customers. We have a wide wound dressing products portfolio for wound care dressings, including different Wound dressings like foam wound dressing online Ireland, silicone wound dressing online Ireland, etc. Buy wound dressing products at www.rocheschemist.ie

Choose Roches Chemist - A Trusted Online Pharmacy Ireland 

  • We are a local Online Pharmacy in Ireland. we are not part of a chain, and we do our best to consistently give good service. 
  • We are more than happy to post items purchased, particularly to Spain, Portugal, and France. 
  • Items purchased and sent to these countries are free of further taxes and import charges as Ireland is a part of the European Union. 

Protect your Wound from  Contamination with the Highest Quality Wound Dressings

You can rely on Roche's Chemist based in Ireland for thorough wound dressing products that address a variety of needs, from little cuts to significant wounds. We recognize the value of offering proper wound care and provide a range of high-quality solutions to speed up the healing process and guarantee full recovery.

We have you covered when it comes to wound dressings. Our wide collection of bandages includes compression and tube bandages in a range of sizes that are intended to support, encourage blood flow, and assist in the healing of wounds. We offer multiple solutions to meet your unique needs, whether you need a gauze dressing for delicate wound care or a sturdy bandage for solid coverage. Discover our collection of foam wound dressings, which are renowned for their superior moisture management and absorption abilities.

Our Mepilex dressings are a particular kind of foam dressing that is frequently used in the therapy of wounds. These dressings offer wounds a soothing and safe environment, accelerating healing and lowering the risk of infection. Also, absorbent wound dressings are perfect for wounds with greater exudate levels. They can efficiently treat wounds of all sizes and depths thanks to their high absorption capacities.

Our non-adherent wound dressing, called an adaptive dressing, is made to form a barrier between the wound and the outer dressing. These dressings are made of a non-adherent netting or fabric, like knitted cellulose acetate or gauze that has been coated in petroleum jelly. They are frequently employed to treat numerous wound types, such as burns, abrasions, donor sites, and surgical incisions.


Some of Our Products for Wound Dressings

Prontosan Wound Gel 50ml - For Wound Cleansing / Decontamination

A powerful and adaptable option for wound cleaning, disinfection, and moisturization is Prontosan Wound Gel. It is specifically made for the care of both acute and chronic skin wounds due to its cutting-edge formulation. Cleaning wounds is one of Prontosan Wound Gel's main use. It is applied to clean the wound bed of dirt, germs, and other pollutants.

Neilmed Wound Wash 177g - Sterile Saline In An Aerosol

A 177g aerosol can of Neilmed Wound Wash contains a sterile saline solution and is intended only for cleaning wounds. It is a product that is ready to use and offers convenience and simplicity in use. Since body fluids contain the same amount of salt as saline solution, our Neilmed Wound Wash is isotonic. When cleaning a wound, this isotonicity reduces discomfort and irritability.

Wound Debris Removal Cloths X 10 - For Debridement And Cleaning Of Ulcers

A specialized item created for wound debridement and cleaning the surrounding leg area is the UCS Ulcer cleaning system. It consists of single-use, pre-moistened debridement cloths that make it easier to treat wounds and remove dead tissue. In order to promote a clean and healthy wound bed, the UCS Ulcer cleaning system is specially designed to gently remove debris and necrotic tissue from wounds. This promotes healing and lowers the chance of infection.

Normasol Sachets Saline 25ml X 25 Sachets - Wound Cleansing Sachets

Standard Sachets For washing and cleansing infected or necrotic wounds, saline is frequently utilized. The sterile saline solution aids in clearing the site of infection and debris, fostering a clean, healthy wound environment that fosters recovery. As long as the individual sachets are unopened, sterility is guaranteed, lowering the possibility of contamination and maintaining the product's potency. Our 25ml of saline solution in each sachet is more than enough to clean wounds.

Algivon 5cm X 5cm Manuka Honey Dressings X 5

Alginate and medical-grade honey are combined to create an absorbent and non-adhering wound dressing by Advancis Medical. This particular dressing is intended to facilitate wound healing and offer efficient wound care. The woundressing's alginate component acts as an absorbent substance that can take up wound exudate (fluid). This promotes healing by preserving a moist environment around the wound and preventing the accumulation of excess moisture.

We Improve Overall Well-Being and Outlook on the Healing Process

An ideal moisture balance in the wound bed is created and maintained with the aid of proper wound dressing. Our dressing products can either absorb excess exudate (fluid) or supply moisture to support a moist healing environment that is depending on the type of wound. The proper moisture balance promotes wound healing, tissue regeneration, and cell proliferation. The foam used to make our Mepilex dressings are soft and flexible, making them comfortable for the patient. The dressing fits the body's contours effectively, making it appropriate for use on wounds that are challenging to treat. Patients can experience psychological benefits from our wound dressings, which give them a sense of security, cleanliness, and advancement in the healing process. This may have a favorable effect on both their general well-being and perspective on the healing process. Shop Today!

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